AMBIENT FILM » How much is it?


Job of a professional, who is simultaneously an unmanned aircraft pilot, a photographer, a camera operator, a scriptwriter, an on-set supervisor, a businessman, a graphic artist and a film producer is deffinitely of of the hardest I know. One of the many reasons is the high number of challenges and the high degree of unpredictability you need to deal with when shooting for a client.

Apart from skills, experience and equipment, what makes a successful production is also, especially in case of aerial footage, the meteorological conditions (actually they can never be predicted with 100% of accuracy), legal restrictions concerning the use of airspace (they require everyday monitoring and, often, sending requests and plans to local airspace control units to obtain permissions).

Realising an ordered production often means the need for an operator to stay on set longer than initially assumed (for instance due to weather changes or other unpredicted events). In addition to that, the operator's work is affected by the landform, industrial infrastructure, or the distance from their headquarters. Also the deadline when the client expects his project to be ready is of significance.

The key factor is the variety of needs. There are clients who expect only getting a few aerial photos of their property. On the other hand, there are customers ordering a full documentary or commercial video including exterior, interior and aerial footage, edited to their suggestions and flavoured with commercial music. Sometimes we shoot near our headquarters, another time we have to cover several hundred kilometres by car or plane.

For the above reasons, one pricing fitting each ordered project is, in our opinion, impossible.


We offer a wide range of film and photo services choice of which makes the final price:

1. We film with mirrorless cameras

2. We film interiors

3. We film from the air

4. We take outdoor photos

5. We take interior photos

6. We take aerial photos

7. We edit photos

8. We fully edit and create videos including (according to client's wish):

-  quality edition (colouring, contrast, etc.)

-  time effects (slow motion, time lapse, etc.)

-  special effects

-  texts (static, dynamic and animated)

-  sound effects

-  precisely selected background music

9. We create full documentary, reportage and commercial films


When you contact us and tell us about your plans and expectations, we will carry out a free and noncommittal valuation of the whole project.

So you take no financial risk. What is more, we guarantee to:


- arrive on site (up to 25 km free of charge, above 25 km and in case of a small photo session - the price is estimated individually)

- production management (discussing client's expectations, creating the work plan, marking and securing the set)

- production legitimacy (analysis of the airspace availability and obtaining required permissions)

- analysis of the meteorological conditions valid for the time and site of the ordered project

- uploading ready materials to download from an on-line server