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Q: Do you make films and take photos on the ground or from the air ?

A: Both ground and aerials. Initially we planned to concentrate mainly on aerial work (hence our company name), but it soon turned out that there is a huge demand for combining outdoor, interior and aerial footage. At present this is exactly what we specialize in!


Q: What quality is your outdoor and interior footage?

 A: Just like in case of aerial footage, we film and photograph using modern equipment, offering image of high quality and resolution. We use image stabilization tools. Additionally, we edit the footage with professional software to make our products perfect.


Q: How do you get such a smooth footage showing interiors or persons?

 A: By using professional image stabilizing tools, such as specialistic tripods and heads, gimbals, sliders, etc.


Q: I need a promotional/commercial video. Will I have to edit the video myself or hire someone to edit your raw footage?

 A: Of course not. We offer ready films which we edit with professional software. They contain all the elements which make a professional film: quality correction (e.g. colouring), special effects, intro, credits, carefully selected background music and, if necessary, voice or subtitles.


Q: I sell real estate/plots. I noticed real estate commercials are popular in the States and in western Europe. But I am not convinced.

A: This stuff is still in early stages in Poland. But when real estate agents, developers, and individuals selling their properties realize what huge benefits such commercials bring, it will be hard to find specialists who can do it profesionally. That's why we have decided to come out with such an offer right now. Typical ads showing several amateurish pictures are not attractive for potential clients. On the other hand, a professional photo session and, especially, a profesionally shot and edited film, presenting the real estate inside and outside, as well as from the air (which shows the attractive location of the property), makes a huge impression and actually is a guarantee to find a client in no time.


Q: How much exactly will I have to pay for your professional services?

A: Such a question cannot be answered generally. The final price depends on many factors, and each client has different expectations. In order to estimate precise costs, we ask our clients to contact us (via e-mail, this website's contact form, Facebook or phone) and tell us about their needs and expectations. Our valuation is always free of charge and noncommittal.


Q: I wanted to use your services, but I browsed the Internet and found someone who is cheaper. Why are you more expensive?

A: We respect free laws of the market. As in any business, also in photography, filming and drone operations prices differ and the choice is big. It's very good actually, because competition shapes quality. We advice, however, to check precisely what the reasons for a lower price are, especially if the difference is significant. Please check some existing works by these persons first. Also check which services are included in the price, plus whether it is the final cost or you will have to add taxes. Do check if you are offered professional photo and/or video edition (paying for these tasks to another professional may cost a lot). Often the price contains only a specific number of hours on the set or a specific number of drone take-offs. Succeeding hours or take-offs will cost extra. It's also worth asking about the quality of the equipment used for the project. Do not be afraid to ask if the person is certified and has a valid license to fly drones commercially, has a proper insurance policy and runs the business legally. Unfortunately there are cases around when these problems exist and then, even though the price for you may be lower, the risk you take is definitely not worth it.


Q: I really like your video/photo. I would like to use it on my website, fanpage, or in my firm's promotional materials. Is it possible?

A: Yes, of course! Lately we have been getting more and more inquiries like this. Please contact us, indicate the photo or video and we will price it for you. You can also buy our works on Pond5, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.


Q: I need your service 'for tomorrow'. Can you take on it?

A: If it is possible, then of course we will take the challenge. But it is worth planning a film or photo session earlier and contact us in advance, as we may have other gigs scheduled and we have to do our job. Moreover, knowing earlier, we will have more time to prepare ourselves to do the best possible work for you.


Q: How long can a drone stay in the air?

A: Depending on the model, usuall between 15 and 30 minutes. The main limitation is the battery life.


Q: Why when filming for a long time does the pilot land the drone and fly it back up a few times?

A: Because they have to exchange the battery for another 15-30 minutes of flight.


Q: What altitude can a drone reach?

A: The drones we fly in Ambient Film can reach 6000 metres. But due to strict regulations, we never fly at high altitudes. Usually we do not go over 100-150 metres above the ground.


Q: How far from the pilot can a drone fly away?

A: The drones we fly in Ambient Film can fly as far as 7 kilometres from the pilot. But due to safety reasons we usually do not let them fly away by more than a few hundred metres (we do our best to have them in sight all the time) - there seldom is such a need.


Q: How fast can a drone fly?

  A: The drones we fly in Ambient Film can fly with the speed of over 70km/h, or even more when downwind.


Q: Is flying drones safe?

A: Yes, on condition that the pilot is a certified and experienced person knowing the drone in and out and observing all regulations.


Q: Do drones fall on people?

A: I have not heard about such cases. But I have heard of a few when a window flower pot fell on someone's head.


Q: Is drone flying legal?

A: Yes, but with strict limitations of both distance and altitude, knowledge of airspace where you are allowed to fly, and in case of most populated places it is legal only for licensed pilots. Breaking these rules may be punished with up to 5 years in prison (in Poland as an example).


Q: Can you fly a drone everywhere?

A: No, you can't. An average user has very limited possibilities to fly a drone (especially if it weighs more than 600 grams). A licensed pilot has many more possibilities, but even they have to know where and when they are allowed to fly. Sometimes they must get proper permissions in advance. And it happens that it will not be possible (in prohibited zones).


Q: Can a drone fly in every weather?

A: No. You usually don't fly in strong and gusty winds, in falling rain and snow, in the mist and clouds, during thunderstorms and under very low temperatures. It could damage the drone, which might, in turn, create danger.


Q: Can a drone fly only in summer?

A: No. It may fly all year round. But summer is the best time for drones - days are long, temperatures are higher, and the weather is more stable. Flying in winter is not always possible and requires some preventive treatments.


Q: Is this drone a complex/modern machine?

A: Yes, a lot. The drones we fly in Ambient Film are state-of-the-art devices, filled with electronics, having an intelligent computer on board and positioning themselves in GPS and Glonass systems.


Q: Does the drone have an autopilot?

A: No. Drones used for recreation and filming do not have a traditional autopilot. As for the military ones, I cannot say, because they would have to kill me. wink


Q: What happens if a pilot loses sight of the drone?

A: Generally it's pilot's task not to lose sight of the drone. If it happens though, there are systems allowing you to control its flight and location, such as camera image monitoring, an interactive map or even a return to home point automatic system.


Q: Is the aerial photo quality high?

A: Yes. The drones we use in Ambient Film take photos on a very high resolution sensor, comparable with high class cameras. They offer full control of the camera parametres. They can shoot even by night, as they offer very high sensitivity (ISO). We take commercial photos in RAW, which enables us to further work on them using specialistic software in order to get the best image quality.


Q: Is the aerial video quality high?

A: Yes. The drones we use in Ambient Film can shoot videos at 4K , if needed at the rate of 120 frames per second (FPS). If additional image quality correction is necessary, we apply high quality ND and polarizing filters.


Q: Is such equipment expensive?

A: Yes. Unfortunatly to do legal commercial gigs in this business, you need to invest a lot of money in professional stuff, numerous accesories, training, and geting certification, insurance and software. But the satisfaction of a well-done job can be rewarding.


Q: Aren't drone service prices too high?

A: In our view, they should be higher (check answers to previous questions, just like the last one). Unfortunately for us, licenced pilots, the reality of the market and unfair competition (like in every business) force some limits in the price list - otherwise we would not have many clients.


Q: Isn't it better to film or photograph from a helicopter instead of a drone?

A: It would require engaging a whole team and fulfilling the requirements such a huge aircraft has. It would be impossible to take many of the shots a drone can do without a problem (filming real estate from a short distance and low altitude, a low level skiing action, a small event at the main square, etc.). Of course the cost itself is most convincing. Just ask for a price of hiring a teamed helicopter for a few hours. Do not forget to add the cost of hiring filmmakers with professional equipment.