My name is Rafal Haczek. I am the founder and the owner of Ambient Film.


  Photography and filming

Photography has always been part of my life. Even as a young boy I took my camera everywhere. As a teenager, I was an unofficial school photographer. I shot the Nature, architecture and portraits. I photographed celestial objects using my telescope. I also took aviation and underwater photos (I am a licensed scuba diver).

I got my first movie camera when I was twenty. I have gone through a few stages of the film technology evolution, starting with 8 mm tapes, through video cassettes, Hi8, till the present era of high resolution digital recording. My photo and video works have achieved recognition in competitions. They were also published in the press, on TV and the Internet.

Working on the film set, we use high quality cameras recording in 4K, a large selection of lenses and filters, various image stabilization tools (tripods, gimbals, sliders, etc.), audio recording devices and lighting.


  Piloting drones

I am an aviation enthusiast, with some experience in gliding, paragliding and flight simulation (very useful for piloting drones). I broaden my knowledge being active in various aviation portals. I have been privileged to work as an interpreter for renowned aircraft manufacturers, being able to explore aviation secrets from the bottom up.

I have a university diploma in geography, so both meteorology, navigation, and using maps (as well as creating them) are my second nature. It turned out to be very useful working as a unmanned aircraft operator.

I have a valid UAVO licence, entitling me to perform commercial flights. I have a proper insurance policy, the latest professional flying equipment by DJI, able to record video in 4K and take high resolution photos. I also have constantly growing experience being a guarantee of the highest quality of work and safety.


  Film and photo edition

In Blue Dron Media we use Adobe tools, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, or Lightroom. With their help we create professional quality materials like films and photo session galleries. Each photo, taken as RAW, is edited until our eyes see perfection. Each film is a fully edited work, containing edition work, colour grading and colour correction, but also equipped with a headline, special effects, both visual and audio, animated text and carefully chosen music background.


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